About Union of Legends

With its foundation in spring 2007, the continuing success story of the Clan Union of Legends began.

With the franchise gaming series Call of Duty® as well as the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online Union of Legends pursued the strategy of establishing a multi-gaming clan in order to not only to provide a platform and home base for members as well as other players, but also to enjoy online games and celebrating achieved successes together.

2 years later, in 2009, along with the release of League of Legends, a new game found its way in the gaming portfolio of Union of Legends. From that moment on League of Legends has developed to a very popular game with a high degree of activity within the clan.

In the following time more games like Rocket League® and Tom Clancy’s The Division® have conquered the hearts of the clan’s community that now are firm part of Union of Legends.

As of now Union of Legends has members from more than 5 different countries across Europe, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands.

Due to the fact that Call of Duty has developed to one of the most widely played games since the foundation, it is not surprising that the Call of Duty Squad is an essential part of Union of Legends.

Due to overwhelming success in the competitive e-Sports and additional events like Clan Wars, Battle Royales and ESL Cups, Union of Legends, with their will to fight as well as their passionate and fiery conduct, elevated itself to a well-known name in the Call of Duty community since Call of Duty: Ghosts® and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare®.

Engagement, ambition and passion were key on their road to success resulting in not only two wins in the ESL cup, but also in all seasons of the Advanced Warfare’s Clan Wars, achieving the highest overall score of all PC clans each time.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3®, carrying on exactly where they have finished, various scrims have been won resulting in persistent increase of members and also followers from all over Europe.

Union of Legends will be loyal to the Call of Duty series in order to continue their success story.